My Book Shelf
  1. Release Me
    Release Me
    Lucy's Story!
  2. Seduce Me
    Seduce Me
    Candice's Story!
  3. Tame Me
    Tame Me
    Mack's Story!
  4. Chase Me
    Chase Me
    Gage's story. Coming Soon!
  5. Throw Me A Bone
    Throw Me A Bone
    Harlow's Story!
  6. Distorted
    Coming Soon!
  7. Intuition
    Coming Soon!
About Me
Jenni Bradley was born in Pickerington, OH, the middle child of three. Throughout her life she has moved quite a few times. Finally, settling in Indiana, where she lives on a funny farm. She is surrounded by her three daughters, a husband, four dogs, two cats, and three horses. It is never a dull moment. 
She has journals full of poems and stories. It wasn't until her twins were born that she finally wanted to take writing more seriously. Studying human nature is her passion. She graduated from Lynn University with a B.A. in social sciences and a minor in criminal justice. She is also a therapuetic riding instructor for adults and children with special needs. 
Horseback riding is one of her many passions. Although, she may not win many races, or ribbons, she continues to get into the saddle. Gravity constantly plays cruel jokes on her. 
"You see things; and say, why? But I dream things that never were; and I say, why not?"
George Bernard Shaw